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The practice offers many different services including osteopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy and cranial osteopathy.

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Osteopathy recognises that the body has the ability to self heal and regulate, but that at times it is overwhelmed by life and needs a helping hand. When areas of the body become restricted or overactive the blood flow and nerve control crucial to health can become disrupted. Treatment aims to provide just enough assistance to the body for self healing to occur and self regulation of blood flow and the nervous system to be reinstated.

Osteopathy recognises that over treatment is a mistake by giving the body information overload, this means that no undue force or excessive numbers of treatments are used. 

Because Naturopathy is above all an approach to health care, there are many treatment modalities which can be employed. However, they are always applied in a way which works with the body's own healing efforts and are used in accordance with the principles of treatment previously specified. Treatments may primarily be concerned with the biochemical, structural or emotional depending upon the nature of the problem.

The osteopaths at the practice also incorporate acupuncture into their treatments as appropriate. The combination of the two therapies can enhance the results. Acupuncture can be seen from a traditional or modern view. Traditionally the needles are inserted into energy channels called meridians which help balance the energy improving health. Modern research also shows the needles stimulate local healing in the tissues and release chemicals within the body such as endorphins which relieve pain.


The practice also provides cranial osteopathy a gentle form of treatment that uses subtle movements of the hands to release tensions within the body. During their training osteopaths are taught to feel a subtle rhythmical movement of the body produced by the metabolism of the cells indicating the body’s level of vitality and health. Where illness or trauma has occurred this movement can be disrupted; this affects the health of the body and in the long term health problems can develop as a result. An example of this would be a fall from a tree as a child: the initial bruising can be resolved quickly but later in life headaches occur because the traumatic force though the spine had not been resolved.

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