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Your first appointment will take 45-60 minutes. It will consist of a full case history with appropriate examination and treatment. It is important during the case history for us to be fully informed of your full medical history so please provide us today or at your next appointment with a full list of any medication you take and any test/scan results you have. 


Different types of examination may be carried out, from active or passive movement, to palpation of tissue quality. Neurological or clinical examination may also be performed such as blood pressure and reflexes. When your practitioner has completed their examination they will inform you of the diagnosis they have reached. They will inform you of the treatment they will do and the likely duration of treatment they expect. Diagnosis is not an exact science and can be re-evaluated as your personal response to treatment is seen.

For any further questions please consult the FAQ's or contact us direct


Treatment may take many forms because it is completely individual to the patient, however it usually consists of touch, massage, joint articulation and manipulation.

We may also advise you on diet and exercises that you can do at home to speed your recovery and reduce the need for treatment in the long term.

For emergencies call 07887542515

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