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Am I too old or my baby too young for osteopathy?

Age is not a barrier to receiving osteopathic treatment as treatment is specifically adapted to the individual needs of the person.

Is it safe?

Osteopathy is actually a very safe form of treatment. All treatment carries the possibility of worsening symptoms in the short term. This is usually a result of tight muscles being released which leaves them aching for a while just as they do after exercise. Occasionally release of one area of the body places more strain upon another leading it to complain, this is again a positive response and shows treatment is working but is not yet complete. A few techniques carry a larger risk, if these are applicable to you then you will be informed beforehand.

Do the treatments hurt?

Not ordinarily. The approach that is most likely to be uncomfortable is deep soft tissue work, rather than manipulation . The Wotton Osteopathic Practice develops good practitioner-patient rapport and encourages patients to say if treatment is uncomfortable.

How will these treatments help?

The practice offers a variety of treatments that will help with many conditions. Treatment may take many different forms because it is completely individual to the patient. However, it usually includes touch, massage, joint articulation and manipulation. Your osteopath may also advise you on diet and exercises that you can do at home to speed up your recovery and reduce the need for treatment long term

Do I have to undress?

Not necessarily. It depends entirely on the reason for your visit. Because osteopathy takes into account the whole body it can be necessary to see your posture/back with you standing in your underwear. However, some conditions will require no undressing at all. We encourage all our patients to tell us if they are uncomfortable. Blankets can be used for modesty and some people choose to wear shorts and a vest.

Do I have to be recommended by my GP?


Can I bring a friend or relative?

.Yes. You are welcome to bring a companion anytime you like.

Am I covered under my healthcare insurance?

Most of the main Private Health Insurers, including BUPA, Vitality, AXA PPP, Allianz, BCWA and WPA now cover osteopathic treatment. If you have private health cover please check with your insurance company to see if they will pay for all or part of your treatment.

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